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Introduction to Podcast Technology


Introduction to Podcast Technology contains no filler material. Lessons are brief and each one focuses on a very specific aspect of the podcast production process.


Introduction to Podcast Technology doesn't simply tell you what to do and expect you to follow blindly. Instead, each lesson explains why a given tool or technique is necessary, the pitfalls of getting it wrong, and the role it plays in the overall podcasting process.


You won't find lists of rules or "shoulds" in Introduction to Podcast Technology. Instead, you'll look over the shoulder of a podcaster and audio production expert as he demonstrates real world tools and techniques. You won't be left alone to figure out the hard parts on your own.


No one dares tell a carpenter, "Your don't need saws, hammers, or drills to build a house." No one tells a guitar player, "You can make beautiful music without learning to play." But, for some reason, it's become acceptable to tell a podcaster, "Technology isn't important." It's true that technology isn't the ONLY important aspect of podcasting... but it is most definitely, ONE very important aspect.

Covers All Three Podcast Stages


Learn to capture pro-quality recordings of yourself, your co-hosts, and guests; the gear you'll need and how to use it.


Discover key advanced production techniques to make your audio quality rank with the best in the business.


How to get your polished podcast recording encoded, tagged, hosted, and ready for submission to iTunes.

About Your Instructor

David Power is the host and producer of the Sure-Fire Podcast—an audio documentary on the making of an independent feature film called Sure-Fire. David’s audio recording experience began at the age of 10—making cassette copies of his parents’ Neil Diamond LPs with a handheld microphone. He later went on to obtain a university degree in Electrical Engineering. David now spends much of his time applying the latest and greatest in digital production techniques in both the audio and video domains. He is also an out-of-the-closet lover of Rap music and incorporates dope rhymes into his educational materials at every opportunity. David lives in Brooklyn, New York with his beautiful wife, Cara.

16 Detailed Video Modules

Each targeting a specific step in the Record, Produce, & Launch processes...

Duration: 5:23

An introduction to your instructor and the podcast production process. What to expect and how to get the most benefit from the course.

Room Acoustics

Duration: 6:40

How to tell a good room from a bad one. What to avoid when trying to fix a 'bad' room. 3 ways to instantly improve your podcast recordings.


Duration: 6:02

The two main types of microphones and which one is the best option for almost all podcasters.

Interfaces & Recorders

Duration: 5:37

The differences between an interface and a recorder and which you should buy if you can only afford one.

Recording Software

Duration: 3:13

The main functions performed by DAW software plus free and low cost versions to get you up and running quickly and cheaply.

Must-Have Accessories

Duration: 6:59

Five low-cost accessories that will take your podcast recordings from good to great. What they are and why they're important.

Microphone Technique

Duration: 7:51

How to solve the majority of microphone problems by being aware of common errors most beginners make.

Audio Editing

Duration: 6:58

The importance and benefits of editing. How to perform the two most important types of edits like a pro.


Duration: 8:54

How to use equalization to solve common recording problems. Two filters to add to every vocal recording.


Duration: 7:19

How a compressor works, its essential parameters and how compression can improve the intelligibility of your podcast.


Duration: 8:13

How to use mastering techniques to put a final polish on your podcast episode before you convert it to MP3 format.

MP3 Encoding

Duration: 7:38

How to configure free software (used by many pros) to convert your podcast master recordings to size and quality-optimized MP3 format.

ID3 Tagging

Duration: 6:28

How podcast players use meta data and how to tag your podcast episodes with essential information.

Media Hosting

Duration: 12:28

The functions performed by a media host. What to look for (and look out for) when shopping for a host.

Submitting to iTunes

Duration: 7:49

How to validate your RSS feed and get your show listed in the granddaddy of all podcast directories.

3 Quick Fixes

Duration: 4:41

Three things you can do immediately to improve your podcast recordings by at least 100%!

What People are Saying...


"... cuts through the jungle of all the advice..."

The course cuts through the jungle of all the advice, recommendations and advertising out there for podcasting gear. David sets out what you must have, what you probably need and what can take you to the next level based on your goals and budget. No one else does that so well and without an ulterior motive. The course is motivational and the exercises are empowering. You see the light at the end of the tunnel and realize it’s getting closer through the assignments in each installment.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the course to anyone interested in podcasting. Having searched, I can tell you there’s nothing else like it, nothing else as good and nothing else as helpful. Every true expert I’ve ever known — on any subject — understood it to the level that he could make it seem simple. David Power is a true expert when it comes to podcasting!

Kenneth Duke , Author, Soon-To-Be Podcaster

"... the best of the bunch."

I have explored many books and have listened to other podcasters and marketers but David's course is the best of the bunch. Certain podcasting topics can be very difficult to grasp but David's explanation and demonstration allowed me to master them. I would definitely recommend this course. It is straight to the point, covers all the essentials, provides tips and tricks of the trade, and David's instruction promotes confidence and competence in his students.

Scott Schlesinger , Soon-To-Be Podcaster

"Don't try and reinvent the wheel..."

David's podcast modules were a huge help AND inspiration to launching my own podcast. Each lesson was simple and easy to follow along, and when you're just starting out YOU NEED GREAT INFORMATION. Don't try and reinvent the wheel, learn from someone that has been there!

John James Santangelo , Host, Talk About Success Podcast

Is This Course Right For You?

Not everyone is a good fit for Introduction to Podcast Technology. Here's how you can tell if the course is right for you...


  • ​You've already decided on your show's name, topic and format and you're ready to jump in and start producing episodes.
  • You're interested in creating a world-class podcast—one that ranks in production quality with the best in the business.
  • You're a self-starter and action-taker and you're willing to do the work.
  • You value learning from an instructor who's produced audio for over twenty years.
  • You know the investment you make to enroll in this course will come back to you tenfold in the time you'll save learning to podcast on your own.


  • ​You're undecided about starting a podcast or have not yet decided on a show name, topic, or format.
  • You believe the podcasting gurus who tell you, "Technology isn't important."
  • You believe sub-standard audio recordings are "... good enough for a podcast."
  • You place no value on learning from an experienced instructor.
  • You'd rather spend months' worth of time and effort learning  on your own rather than invest the equivalent of a trip to the movies to enroll in this course.
Learn to podcast, or you don't pay!

I've been in your shoes. I've read sales pages for online courses and wondered, "What if this doesn't work for me?" or, "What if the course doesn't deliver what it promises?" I don't want you to have these concerns. So, I'm going to remove them with this guarantee: If you enroll in Introduction to Podcast Technology today and discover the course doesn't meet your expectations in any way, simply send an email to my support team within 30 days of your purchase and I'll return every penny.

~ David Power

Three Levels. One for every need!

Introduction to Podcast Technology is available in three sizes. Here's what each includes:

Essential Level

Includes instant access to all 16 detailed video modules covering all phases of the podcast production process: Record, Produce, and Launch. When you've finished these modules and completed the related assignments, you'll be ready to launch your podcast on iTunes!


Pro Level

The Pro Level package adds the following components:

  • Podcasting Gear Deep Dive - This 10-module video course takes you deeper into each piece of gear that makes up a pro podcasting kit.​
  • Ebook and audiobook versions of David Power's Amazon bestselling book, Introduction to Podcast Technology.
  • Ebook and audiobook versions of The Master Podcasters' Gear Guide. This handy guide describes the exact podcasting gear you need at three different budget and experience levels.


Elite Level

The Elite Level package includes all the bonuses included at the Pro Level, plus:

  • Two 30 minute consultations with David Power. These can be conducted by either telephone or Skype. You're free to use these sessions to discuss gear, production techniques, or to have David provide feedback and critique on a sample of your produced audio.
  • An autographed paperback copy of David's Amazon bestselling book, Introduction to Podcast Technology*

*Autographed paperback is in addition to ebook and audiobook versions of Introduction to Podcast Technology.

Start Today! Choose A Level That's Right For You...

Essential: $47

  • Instant, lifetime access to all core video lessons
  • Record, produce, and launch your podcast in the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way possible
  • Join hundreds of students who've benefited from the course
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee

Pro: $97

  • Instant, lifetime access to all core video lessons
  • All benefits of the Essential package
  • ​Podcasting Gear Deep Dive 10-lesson video course
  • Introduction to Podcast Technology Ebook
  • Introduction to Podcast Technology Audiobook
  • Master Podcasters' Gear Guide Ebook
  • Master Podcasters' Gear Guide Audiobook
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee

Elite: $297

  • Instant, lifetime access to all core video lessons
  • Podcasting Gear Deep Dive 10-lesson video course
  • Introduction to Podcast Technology Ebook
  • Introduction to Podcast Technology Audiobook
  • Master Podcasters' Gear Guide Ebook
  • Master Podcasters' Gear Guide Audiobook
  • 2 x 30 minute one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Autographed paperback of Introduction to Podcast Technology
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee


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